The Bellingham Plan

Currently Carolyn Watson is working with several community leaders to develop a proposal to create a Forest Therapy Center within the Bellingham Parks system.

Ideally, the center would feature many of the key attributes found within the forest therapy centers of Japan, including:

  • Trails that are relatively flat and free of tripping hazards, such as exposed tree roots

  • Trails that are shorter in length are ideal, up to 2 miles long as as short as .5 miles.

  • At least one trail that is ADA compliant

  • Clear signage that explains how to navigate the trail without getting lost

  • Signage which guides participants through the basics of a self-guided forest therapy session

  • Plenty of benches for rest breaks

  • Picnic tables

  • A covered pavilion suitable for use as an outdoor classroom, yoga, arts and crafts, and other activities

Interested in contributing ideas? Get in touch with Carolyn using the box at the bottom of the page.